By Akhil Sharma

“A strong debut novel that establishes Sharma as a splendid storyteller.”—Philadelphia Inquirer

Ram Karan, a corrupt reputable in New Delhi, lives together with his widowed daughter and his little granddaughter. Bumbling, unhappy, ironic, Ram is usually a guy corroded through a negative mystery. Taking the reader down right into a international of feuding households and politics, An Obedient Father is a piece of infrequent sensibilities that offers a personality as formulated, humorous, and morally ambiguous as any of Dostoevsky’s antiheroes.

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Mr. Mishra slurped his Campa Cola loudly. Father Joseph glanced toward him, and Mr. Mishra smiled, revealing his teeth. "Rajiv Gandhi thinks that India is his family estate. The Nehru family has controlled the Congress Party for too long. Jawaharlal Nehru, then Indira Gandhi, then Rajiv. " Father Joseph spoke too quickly for a conversation, but not quickly enough to be obviously argumentative. "And before Independence and Jawaharlal there was Motilal Nehru," Mr. Mishra said. " Father Joseph and Mr.

Talk to the pundit," Anita said, looking up at me. I had yet to arrange the pundit for Radha's prayers. Although Anita had told me to do this several times over the week, there was nothing accusatory in her voice. Suddenly I was angry I glared at her, until she turned her head down. Then I said, "Why are you always covering your head? You aren't at your in-laws'. People will think you're afraid of My office is in a low white building that used to be a school. A dirt field circles it and a wall surrounds all this.

Gupta was standing at his gate, receiving visitors. The veranda behind him was crowded with guests. Waiters in red turbans and white jackets and pants moved among them carrying trays. I took Asha's hand in mine and walked up to Mr. Gupta. He was wearing a handsome blue suit and a tie flecked with yellow and blue. "This is my granddaughter, Asha," I said after he had thanked me for coming. He bowed and shook Asha's hand. "You do my house honor," he said. Asha was so surprised by his formality she moved behind me.

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