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If it were not a being, it would not be a table. But existence is what makes it a being. Existence is, accordingly, necessary for a thing to be a table or anything else, and the enstence may be either real or cognitional. But in the one way or the other the thing has to exist if it is to be anything at all. Existence is an absolutely necessary require­ ment for any other actual perfection. On the other hand, the accidental character of an observ­ able thing's existence is fully as obvious. The table acquired its existence through the work of the cabinetmaker.

One has to assert that the content. In this sense there is still not even the beginning the existence of the thing in question is a fact. The object of of an authentic or genuine or, if an obsolete Latinism may a judgment has to enter the picture. The concept of fact can be pardoned for the moment, a "proper" concept of existence. again be used to take up this knowledge. The case is the That something exists also may be called a fact. The ref­ same here as with the other terms already considered.

Rather, it precedes the thing; it is prior to the thing. Unless the existence is presupposed, the thing would not be there at all. Existence may be an accident, but it has to be an accident that is prior to the thing itself, prior to its substance, prior to its nature. The priority, of course, is a priority of metaphysical order, and in no way a priority of time. Is there any way of eliminating this aspect of dependence contradiction? What would an accident signify if the note of dependence were deleted from its concept?

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