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1. Raise the drive unit with the column lifter used for disassembly until the centre support axis @ is at about the halfway point of the body slot and tighten the relevant -+’ bolt-@, Connect the left strut to the engine support cross member and fasten the cross member in position to the body with the screws @. rear illustration put the side rod @ in the support @ on the right side first, then tighten, rail @ screw @, second, screw 0. 0. the screws 5 5. Screw up the drive shafts to differential shafts joint screws in oil with the prescribed torque.

Remove camshaft driving belts rear covers. 15. Remove water pump assembly. (1) Unscrew screws 1 with wash- . (I) ers ers securing securing pulley pulley to water water 8 22 to pump hub and* remove pump driving pulley. 1 Jockey pulley 1 Intake manifold 3 Nuts 2 Bracket 10. Remove fuel pump assembly (1) Unscrew nuts with washers securing fuel pump to block rear cover 4 . (2) Remove pump 0, spacer 2 and pump control push rod 1 . 0 8 2 Belt stretcher (3) Withdraw belt from pulley on camshaft and on driving shaft, respectively.

2. 0236 in). 0024 in) 2. Apply engine oil to piston pin, to the connecting rod small end, and to the piston pin supports. 3. Fit the connecting rod‘small end between the piston pin supports ensuring that holes are perfectly aligned in order to allow proper piston pin fit. 4. Fit the piston pin @ into the piston @ and connecting rod 0, and then lock it with two spring rings 0. a. n points in the direction of engine rotation, namely: upward for the right head pistons and” downward for the left head pistons.

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