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Over the previous 30 years the writings of Georges Bataille have had a profound impact on French highbrow suggestion, informing the paintings of Foucault, Derrida, and Barthes, between others. opposed to structure deals the 1st critical interpretation of this difficult philosopher, spelling out the profoundly unique and radical nature of Bataille's paintings.

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Perhaps Bataille's work gets its greatest strength in this refusal of the temptation of form. 9 The transgression is transgression of form. This transgression is never an object of knowledge or recognition. But to speak on something imposes a form on it-because of a specific requirement of this type of discourse, one specific to discourse as such-from that moment on, it becomes an object of knowledge. Form is the temptation of discourse to arrest itself, to fix on itself, to finish itself off by producing and appropriating its,own end.

Only today . . ," etc. This stylistic continuity reflects the demands of the message. In fact, the sense of the text is almost solely a denial of any break, the erasing of wounds and the elimination of an evil consisting precisely in discontinuity and wrenching division. This is clearly apparent in 20 The Architectural Meta phor its schoolishly Hegelian three-part progression. ) First a thesis : the cathedral, symbol of continuity, of good, of youth, and of faith; second an antithesis: the war, connected to contemporary materialism, destroyer of the cathedral, etc .

2, and which was compiled by contributors to this review. This time there is another style of subver­ sion of lexical order; no longer rejecting (as in Leiris's Glossaire) the fundamental distribution of language between signifier and signified, but discerning behind the meaning, and sometimes independent of the meaning, what ')ob" words do. Bataille uses the term "besogne" (job, work with a notion of drudgery) in the article "Informe;' where he clarifies the project governing this dictionary. The job: lexical units 29 On Bataille wrested from the symbolic code, joined to extralinguistic practices, charged with a libidinal intensity referring not to a process of repre­ sentation or communication, but to a productivity in which the word functions as a center of energy, a productivity in which the word is not defined by what it means (its "sense") but by what it does, by the effects it induces (its '1ob") .

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