By Kay Arthur,Janna Arndt

This intriguing addition to Kay Arthur and Janna Arndt's Discover four Yourself® Inductive Bible reviews for Kids sequence takes readers and characters Max, Molly, and Sam alongside the rugged Oregon path. With God's path map, the Bible, they set out on a wagon teach to find the teachings Abraham discovered whilst he left his domestic and moved to an unknown land simply because God advised him to. As they discover the hot territory they face the buzz, fears, and benefits of strolling by means of religion. excellent for Sunday college periods, Bible reports, and autonomous examine, Abraham—God's courageous Explorer teaches younger childrens all approximately hearing God and trusting His suggestions even if the trail will get bumpy.

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WHAT is cross-referencing? Cross-referencing is where we compare Scripture with Scripture by going to other passages in the Bible. This is a very important Bible study tool that we can use as we search out the meaning of Scripture because we know that Scripture never contradicts Scripture. Let’s take out God’s map (the Bible). Look up and read Acts 7:1-5. Looking at Acts 7:2-3, WHY did Abraham (Abram) decide to leave his country? Acts 7:2 WHEN did God speak to Abraham? When he was in _______________________, before he lived in _______________ Acts 7:3 WHAT did God tell Abraham to do?

You’ve got it! Pray. Bible study should always begin with prayer. We need God to be our Wagon Master as we begin our journey on the Oregon Trail. The wagon master was in charge of the entire wagon train. He made all the decisions about whether to go on or stop. He also decided which trail they should take. His word was law! Just like the wagon master took care of the pioneers on their journey, we need God to direct us and teach us by His Spirit as we begin our journey in His Word, so that we can understand what He says and make sure we handle His Word accurately.

WHAT has to happen for Abram to have a family of his own? Look back at Genesis 11:30 on page 159. WHAT do we see about Abram’s wife, Sarai? Read Genesis 15:1-4 on page 165. WHAT is Abram’s solution to this problem of not having a child and an heir? Genesis 15:2 WHOM does Abram tell God could be his heir? ” Genesis 15:4 HOW does God respond to Abram’s suggestion? Genesis 15:4 WHOM does God say will be Abram’s heir? ” Now turn back to page 166 to Genesis 16 and read verses 1-3. Genesis 16:2 WHAT is Sarai’s solution?

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