By Patrick J. Kelly

What's that you just say - perpetual movement is very unlikely? My, you are a tough one to please.
The electrons within the molecules of rock formations were orbiting gradually for thousands of years with out preventing - at what element will you settle that they're in perpetual motion?

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Stephen uses a loudspeaker to wobble the horizontal bar on which the stator magnets are mounted, backwards and forwards as a loudspeaker has that mechanism already built into it. Don Kelly’s 1 - 16 permanent magnet motor also uses this very simple idea of moving the stator magnets out of the way at the appropriate moment. Charles “Joe” Flynn’s Permanent Magnet Motor. Patent US 5,455,474 dated 3rd October 1995 and shown in full in the Appendix, gives details of this interesting design. It says: “This invention relates to a method of producing useful energy with magnets as the driving force and represents an important improvement over known constructions and it is one which is simpler to construct, can be made to be self starting, is easier to adjust, and is less likely to get out of adjustment.

They point out very clearly that if you heat with electricity, then you can reducing your heating bills to one third by using their equipment. uk. Intended for rooms of up to 18 square metres floor space, it uses 900 watts maximum input for cooling and 750 watts maximum input for 2 kilowatts of heating. 5% of what they were. This is very interesting as we are repeatedly told that COP greater than 1 is impossible and “there is no such thing as a free meal”. Fortunately, the ElectriQ company disagrees.

This is the stator magnet which does not move. Positioned above it is a disc made of nonmagnetic material (shaded in grey) and which has two magnets embedded in it. This disc is the rotor and is attached to the central vertical shaft. Normally, the rotor would not rotate, but between the two discs there is a ring of seven coils which are used to modify the magnetic fields and produce powerful rotation. The powering up of these coils is very simple and it is arranged by shining a beam of Ultra Violet light from one of the Light-Emitting Diodes through a slot in an opticaltiming disc attached to the rotating shaft.

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