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Those who recite 142 then swallowed him 7 rebellious 8 8 === 1/2 === HALF JUZ 9 lasting harship, a constant torment 10 glistening, bright 11 sticky 18 pl. disgraced, humiliated pl. impostors, pretenders -39 12 the owner of stakes 5 overlaps, rolls 15 delay, deferment 8 He bestows upon him 16 our count/reward 20 17 (man) of strength / hands 19 gathered, assembled 21 they climbed over wall 22 21 21 built withers up, turns yellow chaff, crumbled to dust 23 repeated, paired and be not unjust 23 fg.

You disagree among one another one who has capacity -66 4 im. you make room, sit comfortably 7 8 and a life 6 4 6 2 5 fg. those having pregnancy splitting, bursting showing they oppose / contend pv. be humbled to dust / abased recorded it, kept account of it 4 21 1 5 ap. : ٌْ ِ ) 4 timber, wood 4 fg. pp. : ٌ ْ ِ ) 7 they breakup / disperse they ruin / demolish 9 let not distract you 2 2 im. pl. learn a lesson -64 35 A Concise Dictionary of Qur'an (((((((Juz – 29 ))))))) -67 19 20 ap. sleepers black-loke a pitch dark night those who cut or pluck (fruits) 27 making end, decisive, dead 23 Yaghooth 30 so fetter him 23 Ya’ooq 31 im.

Is spread out 25 (will be) their return === 1/2 === HALF JUZ === 1/2 === -89 38 A Concise Dictionary of Qur'an 3 3 5 and by the even (number such as 2,4,6,8) and the odd (numbers such as 1,3,5,9) for those who understand / have sense 7 name of a nation 7 having pillars, possessing lofty columns 9 they hewed / cut out 9 hard stone,rocks 13 scourge, disaster 18 and you don’t urge or encourage one another 19 19 20 23 inheritance, heritage devour greedily love exceedingly, boundless love and will be brought near 26 and none will bind 27 satisfied, at peace -90 2 4 inhabitant, not prohibited, free to do someone put in toiling struggle 6 I have wasted 6 abundant 9 dl.

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