By Susana Nuccetelli, Ofelia Schutte, Otávio Bueno

This entire number of unique essays written by way of a world workforce of students addresses the crucial topics in Latin American philosophy.Represents the main finished survey of historic and modern Latin American philosophy to be had todayComprises a specifically commissioned selection of essays, lots of them written through Latin American authorsExamines the historical past of Latin American philosophy and its present concerns, strains the advance of the self-discipline, and gives biographical sketches of key Latin American thinkersShowcases the range of techniques, matters, and types that represent the sphere

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Of course the pastoral mission of religious teachers, the cure of souls, cannot be accomplished without taking appropriate means, organizational and ceremonial. But here again we find the plebeian tendency to become engrossed with the means and to avert one's eyes from the end, which in the case of religious teachers is to remind their fellow men, in season and out of season, that our life here on earth is at best passed among beautiful shadows whose beauty is the sure token of a glory to be sought and found elsewhere.

While he may not actually take pride in being a plebeian, he can and does now assure himself that he has lost nothing by failing to be a patrician. And when his more intellectual brother accepts from Sartre the dramatist that Hell is other people, he is unlikely to start treating his fellow men with diabolical cruelty; but he is very likely to end up believing, with Sartre the philosopher, that 'man is a useless passion' and that 'it amounts to the same thing whether one gets drunk alone or is a leader of nations'.

Just as we conceive that valid is distinguishable from invalid reasoning (for if we were wrong so to conceive, we logically could not conceive anything, and so could not 'wrongly conceive' this), so we conceive that the beautiful is distinguishable from the ugly and the virtuous from the vicious; and just as we have recourse to logical principles in striving to establish what is rational, so we have recourse to aesthetic and moral principles in striving to establish what is beautiful and good. While we can manifestly fall into serious error, the domain of logic is nevertheless one which can be systematically explored by patient and objective inquiry.

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