By I. A. Ibrahim

This e-book is in particular written for non-Muslims to assist them larger comprehend Islam. a few of the subject matters during this ebook are: - facts that Islam is a real faith. - Proofs that the Qur'an is the literal notice of God. - clinical miracles within the Qur'an with medical illustrations. - Why Muhammad is really a prophet despatched via God? - a few merits of Islam. - normal details on Islam. - Pillars of religion. - Correction of a few misconceptions approximately Islam. - The prestige of girls in Islam. - What Islam says approximately terrorism. beneficial properties of the booklet: forty three illustrations (39 in color); seventy six colourful pages on sleek, lined, a hundred and fifteen gm paper; Laminated 350 gm conceal; top of the range printing; greater than 375,000 copies were published.

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When he was asked about the scientific miracles in the Qur’an which he has researched, he stated the following: “The way it was explained to me is that Muhammad was a very ordinary man. He could not read, didn’t know [how] to write. In fact, he was an illiterate. And we’re talking about twelve [actually about fourteen] hundred years ago. You have someone illiterate making profound pronouncements and statements and that are amazingly accurate about scientific nature. And I personally can’t see how this could be a mere chance.

God has said: This may explain why some people commit suicide while they enjoy the material comfort money can buy. For example, look at Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam), formerly a famous pop singer who used to earn sometimes more than $150,000 a night. 3 (1) Narrated in Saheeh Muslim, #2807, and Mosnad Ahmad, #12699. e. neither believes in the Qur’an nor acts on its orders. (3) The present mailing address of Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam), in case you would like to ask him about his feelings after he converted to Islam, is: 2 Digswell Street, London N7 8JX, United Kingdom.

4 This phenomenon indicates that Islam is truly a religion from God. It is unreasonable to think that so many Americans and people from different countries have converted to Islam without careful consideration and deep contemplation before concluding that Islam is true. These converts have come from different countries, classes, races, and walks of life. They include scientists, professors, philosophers, journalists, politicians, actors, and athletes. The points mentioned in this chapter constitute only some of the evidence supporting the belief that the Qur’an is the literal word of God, that Muhammad r is truly a prophet sent by God, and that Islam is truly a religion from God.

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