By Strusevich V. A., Van de Waart A. J. A., Dekker R.

Summary. This paper considers the matter of minimizing the agenda size of a two-machine store during which notonly can a role be assigned any of the 2 attainable routes, but additionally the processing instances depend upon the selected route.This challenge is understood to be NP-hard. We describe an easy approximation set of rules that promises a worst-caseperformance ratio of two. We additionally current a few variations to this set of rules that enhance its functionality andguarantee a worst-case functionality ratio of 3=2.

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See figure 91. Figure 93 Clamp handle. s. roundrod. s. bar stock. s. round rod. Assemble the clamp lock mechanism as shown in figure 94 by first attaching one end of each hinge to the end of each side rail on the upper clamp frame with #8 x 1" machine screws & nuts. Then attach the other end of each hinge to the clamp lock bars using #8 x 1" machine screws with nuts. Next insert the lock handle through the 112" diameter holes in the bottom end of the lock bars. HINGES . s. sheet metal. End panels for the heater box.

DRILL; ,,_ / . ,' 1 .. / ~~~ ~ ~ ~~~ .. , ,C Ti? \ ,, , i 3 HOLES DRILLCD ; , \. 1 ' 1 3: 1 1 Figure 124 Control panel layout. Bend each end up 90 degrees at the dotted line to shape the panel. Figure 125 The completed control panel. The 2" diameter hole is for the vacuum gauge and is best drilled with a holesaw. The 318" hole is for the infinite range switch. The 112" hole below the infinite range switch is for a pilot light. The other two 112" holes are for the onloff switch for the electric vacuum pump if one is used and a pilot light for the switch.

DRILL 2 HOLES 1/4 DIAM. -9. s bar stock. The length of the spreaders is determined by your mold size up to the 12" width capacity of the machine. We can start by making a 12" long set as shown in figure 84. - ~ - -~ ORILL 6r TAP BOTH ENOS 1- 4 12 20. 2 OEEP ~- Figure 84 CIomp spreaders. Length is detemnnrned by widfh @mold. s. bar stock. s. bar stock. - 6 -- . L ~- ,, I c DRILL & TAP 2 HOLES 1/4-20 -- --= - ~-25; 1 -. 19- . - . - ,I a, DRILL 3/32 d I l,fl 4L; - .. ---~ - varying lengths to accommodate DIAM.

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