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To be used IN colleges AND LIBRARIES in simple terms.

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1-2-3 Draw Pets and Farm Animals

To be used IN colleges AND LIBRARIES simply.

Jennifer Lopez (The Great Hispanic Heritage)

Identified to hundreds of thousands as J. Lo, Jennifer Lopez is among the such a lot favorite Latin American performers on the earth. She has been referred to as the main influential Hispanic entertainer within the usa by means of humans en Espanol. As an actress, singer, songwriter, dancer, and dressmaker, Lopez has a name for being a perfectionist and a hard diva.

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There is a website that tracks the sightings of street art around the world. It is clear that this is a worldwide movement. It is up to the artist who thinks like an entrepreneur to find their way in this form of art that has circled the globe. It all begins with the first brush of paint!

At this point, you'd think he might take a break, right? Well, his next work may be what had the most impact on the world around him. At first, his sticker campaigns were effective by just using a simple image and a word to capture people's imaginations. " The 2008 "Hope" poster captured people's imaginations. e. not in graffiti). Fairey distributed nearly one million copies of this image in sticker or poster form. For his efforts, he received a letter of thanks from the president! He was also named Person of the Year by GQ Magazine in 2008.

That is how it catches on. One example of this is art by Jorge Rodrfguez-Gerada. Some call him a street art legend. He was invited to Amsterdam, where he made a large picture of part of a woman's face, and it mostly showed her eyes. It was the size of two football fields. The picture was used for something bigger: a message about how humans should treat each other better. The look in this person's eyes was supposed to make people think about people who were not being treated well in that part of the world.

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