By Арайс Р.Ж., Сталтманис И.О.

Книга посвящена вопросам испытания электрооборудования воздушных распределительных сетей 0,4-20 кВ. Освещены вопросы измерения электрических параметров сети, рассмотрены методы испытания электрооборудования на стационарных стендах и с помощью передвижных лабораторий, описаны виды и объем испытаний, даны сведения об испытательной аппаратуре и электролабораториях.Книга предназначена для электромонтеров, мастеров и инженерно-технического персонала, занимающегося испытанием электрооборудования в распределительных сетях 0,4-20 кВ.

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This purpose is accomplished by designing suitable technical means (TP and TS), and producing the information needed to realize and implement a product. Designing something useful with a substantial engineering content, usually within market constraints, distinguishes engineering from scientific or artistic activity. Therefore design engineering, combining art, craft and science, is the activity and subject of this book. Design engineering explores alternative solution proposals, and delivers proposals for appearance and presence, and manufacturing specifications for a designed product.

Design engineering is a complex activity, a complex progression in the development of a “best” solution to a given problem [365]. It is creative, but contains procedural and routine aspects. It must be methodical and systematic, include creative thinking, clarifying thinking, critical thinking, and many other forms, and must use existing information, including but not restricted to scientific knowledge. The information for designing lies predominantly in the collection of existing areas of knowledge and knowing.

In Engineering from the University of Wales. Further appointments took him to the University of Calgary (1968–1977), Loughborough University of Technology (1977–1981), and the Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario (1981–2000). Even though he retired from full-time employment, he is still heavily involved in design teaching at RMC. Ernst Eder has attained an international reputation in systematic design. He has published more than 130 papers on design methodology and on engineering education, and has coauthored or edited 13 technical books on the subject of theory for design engineering and the design process, including the Proceedings for the International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED 87 Boston.

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